Mauboussin is a French company that was founded in 1827 by M. Rocher and J. Noury. They specialized in the manufacture of unique and exquisite jewellery from the very beginning. By the end of the 1870s their "artistic" jewellery pieces had been presented on trade fairs in Paris and Vienna, thus giving the brand a wider exposure and establishing the house of Mauboussin as one of the most exquisite jewellery houses.
Mauboussin Cristal Oud For Men EDP 100 ml
Alsharif Beaute

Mauboussin Cristal Oud For ...

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LE 2,115.00
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Mauboussin Promise Me EDP 90 Ml
Alsharif Beaute

Mauboussin Promise Me EDP 9...

LE 1,505.00
LE 2,150.00
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Mauboussin Mademoiselle Twist EDP
Alsharif Beaute

Mauboussin Mademoiselle Twi...

LE 1,001.00
LE 1,430.00
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Mauboussin Promise Me Intense F EDP 90 ml
Alsharif Beaute

Mauboussin Promise Me Inten...

LE 1,582.00
LE 2,260.00
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Mauboussin Elixir Pour Elle F EDP 100 ml
Alsharif Beaute

Mauboussin Elixir Pour Elle...

LE 1,680.00
LE 2,400.00
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